4 Places Where You Can Find Winning Admission Essay Examples

  1. Reference samples on college websites
  2. Many schools, colleges and universities provide essay samples on their websites these days. The reason they do this is generally either to help students currently studying at that particular educational establishment, or as guidance to potential future students.

    The fact that they have been posted by respected educational establishments suggest that most of these samples will be of a very high quality. As a result, if you’re looking for a sample to help you understand and appreciate how to write your own essay, then looking on such websites can be a good start to make.

  3. Free admission examples on essay writing websites
  4. Another place that some students decide to look for paper examples will be on free essay websites. These websites generally provide a wide source of information, covering different essay styles, subjects, and formatting techniques. Therefore, it may seem like they are going to be particularly useful to help you to write your own piece of work; however, they can often be relatively unhelpful, as some of the papers will have been written by people that don’t necessarily have a good enough appreciation of the subject, or even by writers that haven’t got a great grasp of English as they are not native English speakers.

  5. Paid examples of pre-written papers from professional writers
  6. Potentially a far more effective way of getting prewritten samples is to pay for the work, rather than using free copies that you find. Although this obviously costs more, it is potentially far more effective than free samples, as the work is generally written by high-quality professional writers, many of whom will have high level degrees in related subjects.

    It is also worth noting that, whilst free papers are readily available and therefore easily detected by plagiarism checkers, paid-for samples are less likely to be directly published online and, therefore, are more hidden from plagiarism software.

  7. Bespoke essay samples created by expert writers
  8. If you are looking for prewritten samples that you have to pay for then it may be that you do so on the websites of professional writing agencies. These writing agencies also offer a wide range of other services, including editing or proofreading any work that you have created, but also potentially creating bespoke papers for you. This approach is favoured by many students as it saves them having to do any of the work, and is likely to ensure that they do well on the paper.

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