What is a Common Application Essay?

If you have a background that supports your identity and you’re contemplating how to write an application essay, it’s best to take as much life experience as you can and incorporate it into your writing. The foundation of your prompt should be based on an individual identity. Have you experienced any changes within your life that have made you who you are? Take any of your own environmental impacts and build it into a writing theme that displays how you have developed as a person. As you’re writing reflect upon your character and explain why these events have shaped your story.

Acknowledge Life Lessons

Use this prompt to go against any essay template or theme you may have learned before college. Remain comfortable with your writing. Use this opportunity to talk about your accomplishments as well as failures. Indicate how you have learned from your own mistakes and it will make a great impression on admission readers. Also talk about how you responded to failures – what did you learn after going through the experiences?

Beliefs and Challenges

Always remember how your beliefs may have changed over time. Some of the best essays are written by people who aren’t afraid to be honest about the difficulties they faced in regards to a belief or status quo. In whatever way you choose to write this prompt, reveal an important value of yours that contributes to the decisions you make in life. By providing the readers with this type of information they will get a better idea of not only what you have overcome but how you have decided to move forward and grow from life experiences.

Transitioning from a Child to an Adult

Was there a period of time in your life where you transitioned from being a child into an adult? Although maturity is the outcome of many changes over time, this is a great way for you to approach an application prompt. You can dig deep into how you have developed and gained more insight after pushing through multiple hardships. Ensure that your points are describing the conflicts and growth process.

Regardless of the prompt theme that you choose - base your writing off of an inward reflection. Write about what you value and why you’ve chosen to grow from an internal or external conflict. Take the time to analyze yourself or a prominent event and it may reveal some critical thinking which is impressive to admission readers.

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