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There are many accomplishments that one will have in their lifetime. From learning how to ride a bike, graduating high school, starting college, and landing your first job, there are so many milestones one can achieve. For this article we will be discussing accomplishing the ever so popular admissions essay. There are many different admissions essays that one can encounter. While such essays may be difficult there is an art to crafting each one. I will be discussing a few different types of essays.

The most popular ones are as follows:

  • The personal statement
  • Your favorite activity
  • Why this school
  • Curiosity Beyond school

The personal essay - The personal essay is all about you. This essay allows you to highlight relevant accomplishments, goals, and experiences that shaped your background, which lead you to applying for a particular program. This essay highlights your personality as well. Such an essay lets the reader see who you are beyond the application. It allows you the chance to define who you are in a professional and concise way. In this essay you should stick to one or two main points. Crafting an essay around central events that helped shape your life is expected. Leave out information that is already covered in the rest of your application. This is your time to let the reviewers learn something new about you.

Your favorite activity - Such an essay topic allows you to talk about your passions in life. Take this time to talk about your interest. Don't just talk about liking to watch television and playing board games. Talk about something that sets you apart from the crowd. Maybe you play a competitive sport, or craft short stories in your spare time, tell them.

Why did you choose this school - This question speaks to why you chose the school to attend for the next four years of your life. This statement allows you to show your expressed interest in the school and to show how you meet the needs of the school.

Intellectual curiosity - This type of essay allows you to explain what you like to do beyond the classroom. This essay will speak to what events, and interest allowed you to develop intellectually.

No matter what type of essay you have to compete, going forward you have the tools to make a well crafted essay that speaks to what the reader is looking for.

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