What Are The Most Common SAT Essay Topics: A Tutorial For Beginners

You should prepare well to write a strong SAT essay. As a rule, basic topics for these assignments are practically the same and are repeated from year to year, and only the questions that you’ll be asked to reveal vary to some extent. Therefore, it is wise to look through the common SAT essay topics and prepare some drafts to back your writing on. These may be some interesting facts and examples that can be used in several themes; or, if you have enough time, several essays on the given topics may be crafted. Here is a list of the most common SAT essay topics with some narrow questions that may be logically drawn:

  • Individuality of a person vs. group.
  • Do the opinions of others affect a person’s success and self-appraisal?

    Do people try to match the expectations of others?

    Is individuality an inborn feature or the result of surrounding circumstances?

  • Success.
  • Is success a matter of luck?

    What is more important for success: being optimistic or realistic?

    Is it possible to be both successful and ethical?

  • Creativity.
  • Is creativity appreciated today in the same way as it was several years ago?

    Which features are more valuable for a person: originality or the skill of imitating others?

    How does planning influence creativity?

  • Happiness.
  • What makes people happy?

    Is a person happy upon achieving the goal?

    Should we wish for more or be satisfied with what we have now?

  • Leadership.
  • Which features are a must for an effective leader?

    Can censorship be justified?

    Should leaders be treated differently compared to ordinary people?

  • Ethical features and morality.
  • Are there only two sides of the same coin?

    Can lying (faithlessness, being rude) be somehow justified?

    Who is responsible for fostering morals in a child?

  • History.
  • How does the past affect our present and future?

    Should all traditions be kept?

    What new values appeared now compared to the past?

  • Friends and collaboration.
  • Should we trust other people?

    Why do usually people help each other?

    Making friends: why is it more difficult nowadays?

  • Technological progress.
  • Have modern innovations made our lives easier?

    Did we forget about key values in pursuit of progress?

    When is it good to forget about progress?

As you see, the background for research can be easily united into several topic areas. Your teacher may come up with much more questions to write on, but the basics can be elaborated beforehand. Brainstorm a couple of ideas on every topic, and you will manage to create an impressive SAT essay.

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