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The admission essay provides an opportunity to share your story, your plans, and your goals for the future. It is a glimpse into your individualized life. Educators are not necessarily looking only for the top flight students. Educators are invested in the student's success, which means they are looking for your potential and something for them to latch onto, to believe you are worth the time they will invest in your education as well.

The essay prepared for admission into an academic college is very important and can be the determining factor on whether you get into the college of your dreams or not. An effective essay can be formulated much like a professional resume, taking into consideration the proper structure and language used. Getting into a great college or university is like getting your dream job, you want to sell yourself to the college by presenting your best knowledge, skills, and abilities to allow the educator to get to know your assets.

Begin with a conversational cover letter stating your intent if you are accepted into the school of study. For example greet your prospective college with what you anticipate studying and for plans for your educational degree. Next, the second page should include your contact info name, address, phone, and email. In reverse chronological order outline your current level of education. If you are a recent high school graduate include the particulars of your studies and a transcript. If you have attended other colleges highlight those studies. Next, include any employment history you have had up to this point. Believe it or not, babysitting, waitressing, or even work study programs show a work history in a very positive way. Highlight your job skills that could be transferrable to a collegiate program. If you were a babysitter you might say that you were responsible for the oversight of the day to day schedule and activities for two children under the age of six years old. You improved your communication skills by discussing the daily planning of activities and appointments. Next, highlight any activities and or scholarships that may have been awarded to you. If you played on your high school volleyball team, debate team, or the choir let those talents shine on your admission application. Extra activities are a bonus for applicants.

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