Tips on how to succeed with admission essays

What is an Admission Essay?

The admission essay is the single most important part of an application to a college, university or other institution of undergraduate, graduate or post graduate education. The admission essay is an opportunity for the applicant to communicate directly with the admissions committee and convince them to accept the application.

What is the Best Admission Essay?

Just as no two college applicants are the same, there is no single formula for the perfect admission essay. The most successful admissions essays are those that communicate the applicant's need for a degree and those that make this case in a convincing manner. The kind of admission essay needed depends on the applicant's profile. If a candidate has an excellent profile with stellar grades, the admission essay needs to highlight these academic strengths and explain how the applicant will be able to succeed in his or her career plan with the degree he or she is applying to.

If an applicant has a less than stellar academic record, the admissions essay needs to explain these shortcomings in the most convincing manner possible. Genuine reasons must be given for a lapse in grades and remedial actions taken by the applicant must be clearly mentioned. The essay must make it clear to the admissions committee that the applicant has moved beyond the mistakes he or she made in the past, has learned a lesson and is now more than capable of avoiding those mistakes and succeeding in his or her educational and career plans.

There's More to You Than Just Grades

It is important for an applicant to understand that they are not just the sum of their grades. There is a lot more to a person than grades and this fact must be reflected in the application essay. Even applicants with weak academic records stand a very good chance of being accepted into the degree programs of their choice if they portray themselves in the right light using their application essay.

A wide variety of achievements, desires, hopes and ambitions can be mentioned in the application essay in order to make an applicant stand out from the horde. Extracurricular activities are the best possible way to give your application essay that extra touch. The types of extracurricular activities that an applicant is involved in give the admissions committee a much clearer idea of who the applicant is as a person beyond the courses and grades he or she has taken.

Overall, your application essay must portray you as a person and not a list of achievements & accomplishments.

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