4 Tips for Admission Essay Writing

You are now facing one of the most important essay assignments of your life. Do not panic though, because you know the subject very well – yourself. It’s time for you to show the college admission committee how unique and interesting you are. The committee wants to know things about you that are not indicated by your SAT score, your average grades, academic awards or resume. They want a well-organized essay that can help them get to know your personality and character. There is a word limit for you to follow, which is both good and bad. To accomplish a killer essay that will impress the admission committee, you need some useful guidelines. Below are a few tips that you may find useful:

  • Be Real
  • What the admission committee look for in the essay is for you to show your real self, what excites you, what motivates you, the reason you think and act in certain ways, etc. Do not gloss over your real feelings, use stilted language or write like you are a different person. Do not be superficial. Be authentic. Use relaxed tone and conversational style.

  • Be Original
  • So many essays are using the same repeated themes. Try to think outside that box. For instance, instead of coming out as a victim, you should focus on the experience of overcoming that situation. Also, you are not in the running for Mr. or Miss America, so don’t present your ideas for world peace in the essay. Keep in mind that the things bore you would normally bore others too.

  • Show Genuine Enthusiasm While Creating Some Mystery
  • Invigorating writing will draw the interest of a reader like nothing else. Pick what genuinely interests you when you choose topics. Your enthusiasm is going to show through.

    At the same time, you want to create some mystery that will get the admission committee all curious about you. Begin with something that can surprise them. For instance, if you have been a volunteer for Appalachian Train Club, you can talk about one of your trips by starting with a description of the sounds and sights as you moved in the forest while clearing trails.

  • Use Active Verbs, Short Sentences and Simple Words
  • Action verbs can make your essay a lot livelier than passive voice that comes across as detached and cold. Using simpler language in the essay will also do you some favor. A study has shown that people who use more concise and simpler language are seen as more intelligent than people who use complicated language. When you needlessly use obscure terms in your essay, admission committee will not be impressed.

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