Getting Started on Your Application Essay

You've decided to apply for a graduate program. Congratulations! Now, you have to write an essay that will convince the admissions committee to accept you. It can be intimidating, but with the right writing and effort, you can turn in an essay that shows off your skills and convinces the admissions committee to accept you.

Gather Your Credentials

The point of the admissions essay is to sell yourself to the admissions committee .This means that, at some point, you're going to want to talk about your academic accomplishments. So make sure you're up to date on your G.P.A., get the names of the classes you've taken, and gather any academic achievements. You're going to need these things when going over your academic history.

Decide What Aspects of Yourself You're Going to Sell

We all know that there are plenty of great quality about you, but you can't describe them all in just a page or two. Pick a couple of things about yourself you'd like to emphasize and focus on those. Your essay should not be a list of your good qualities. It should really show one or two of those great qualities. Remember to keep the good qualities applicable to academia. Writing that you're a family man may not demonstrate why they should accept you. However, you can talk about how being a father and a full time employee has taught you the importance of balance and juggling multiple tasks at once.

Use Examples

When selling yourself, you don't want to just say something. You want to show it. If you say that you work well under pressure, be sure to give an example of a time that you succeeded when under a lot of pressure. Using academic examples are preferred but not necessary. Remember that your essay shouldn't be too long, so pick your examples carefully. You don't have space for extraneous information. Make the examples applicable and make their point clear.

Read the Requirements Thoroughly

Most admissions essays are generally pretty standard. However, your institution may ask for a certain word length, specific information, or they may even give you prompts. Check to ensure that you follow their guidelines perfectly. You want to demonstrate that you can follow instructions.

When ready to get writing, you will find that it comes quite easily. It's a short essay describing things you know well. Choose how to represent yourself well, and proofread, proofread, proofread!

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