Writing A College Application Essay: 7 Golden Rules For Dummies

You are finally making that step towards achieving your dreams and getting into college, and the only thing that is standing between you and achieving those dreams is an application essay. Application essays for getting into college are very easy to write if you know how the process works. It is pretty much the same thing that you would go through when you are writing any other essay, the only difference being that this one determines whether or not you actually make it into college. If you want a guarantee that you will be accepted into college, you can easily learn a few things here and there that will help you get the skills to write a good application essay.

We have narrowed down a few important ideas that will come in handy when you are writing this essay, and hopefully this will work wonders for you.

Be yourself – it is always important for you to be yourself when you are writing this essay. The readers are not looking to know about your father or anyone else, they are looking to understand you as the student that they want to admit into college

Honesty pays – whatever you do, never try to con your way out of a college application essay, or you will easily con your way out of the admission process. The readers are people who have been reading these essays for years so you can be sure that they pretty much know all the tricks in the book.

Stay focused – while you are writing this paper, try not to lose focus. Stay in touch with the topic that you have been asked to write, and do not deviate

Proofread – after you have finished writing the paper, make sure that you take some time to proofread the paper before handing it in.

Word count – always make sure that you stay within the recommended word limit when you are writing the paper. Straying will only make your paper irrelevant

Second opinion – it is important for you to make sure that you seek a second opinion of someone that you can count on while you are writing the paper. Get them to have a look at it and correct you where you are wrong

Accuracy – accuracy of informati

on will always determine whether or not your paper will be accepted, so never lose sight of that too.

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