How To Write An Essay For College Admission: Things You Should Always Avoid

A college admission essay is the opportunity you have been waiting for when considering the college of your dreams. When your career goals are on the line you want to present yourself the best way possible. You are competing for a spot against other students with similar interests. This means you need to pay attention to details that can help you move forward. This includes details you should avoid. You want to avoid giving a negative impression about yourself or your abilities that can lead to rejection. The following 5 points provide additional insight on what you should avoid while writing your college admission essay.

  • Not following admission essay guidelines. Failing to follow guidelines can be the worst action you can do. This helps you understand what you need to do with your information. You can review such details with a colleague or contact the school for further clarification if you do not understand something. In some cases when you do not follow guidelines, even just leaving out one detail could lead to rejection. This means if you are expected to submit your essay by a certain date then have it done before the deadline passes. Many schools will not accept admission essays after the deadline.

  • Talking too much about your accomplishments. You can select one or two depending on how you include the information to show you are a qualified candidate to attend the school. Talking too much can give the impression of bragging or you are better than others. You want to show you are confident in your abilities and that your previous accomplishments are a form of motivation to help you succeed moving forward.

  • Mentioning information that would offend the school. You need to keep in mind school standards and ethics. Do not mention content that will offend students, faculty/staff, or previous graduates.

  • Waiting until the last minute to get started. The content you want to incorporate in your essay may take some time to come together. Think about what you want to say and take notes. The sooner you start the better. You can have one or two rough drafts completed and have time to reorganize your content.

  • Failing to check essay content for errors before submission. This can happen if you find yourself rushing to meet the deadline or you waited until the last minute to write the essay. Plan your time wisely to avoid this.

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