Basic Rules That Will Teach You How To Write An Essay For College Application

You are about to write the most important essay of your life. The essay will determine if you will get into the college or university of your choice. It will determine if you will be able to study the subject of your choice. Pressure!

  • Rule1. Don’t Panic
  • Check out the instructions read them carefully, very carefully. Make sure that you know when the essay should be submitted. Make sure you take note of the length of the essay and stick to the limit. Have someone on hand to proofread for you; provide snacks and a listening ear.

  • Rule 2. Be You.
  • Don’t try to write in a style that you don’t normally adopt. If you normally find it difficult produce creative writing, advice is DON’T. If you normally write in a factual and to the point style, stick to that. Not only is it more comfortable for you to write in your normal style your writing will flourish and you will get to say exactly what you want. Check and recheck your writing.

  • Rule3. Be authentic and straight forward.
  • Don’t say that you have done things that you haven’t. it may well look good on paper, but when it comes to interview time you will find it hard to wriggly out of some in-depth questioning on the two months that you were bee-keeping when you were actually on the beach. It is funny how those little white lies catch us out sometimes, especially when one of the interviewers has 10 bee hives of their own. The point here is that if you embellish one thing and get caught out on it, the college will wonder what else you have embellished.

  • Rule 4. Watch your humor.
  • The humor that you share with your friends is not the humor that you need to share in your essay with the college. It may not go down well. By all means use humor in your writing, as a sense of humor shows a well-rounded character, but use with caution. Show yourself to be likable and a good communicator.

  • Rule 5. Be brief.
  • Don’t babble on when a few well-chosen phrases will do. Create snapshots rather than an epic saga. Make sure that these snapshots are appropriate and are used to illustrate a point. Make sure that your essay flows easily. Remember to use Introduction, Main and Conclusion format for your work.

  • Last rule – reread and edit accordingly.
  • Then get someone else to read your work before you part with it.

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