How To Write A Personal Statement: Using A Free Example

When you are tasked with writing your personal statement it can be difficult to know where to begin. What do you include? What do you leave out? How do you go about finishing the paper before the deadline? In instances such as these it can be very helpful to use a free sample. Why?

  1. 1. A free sample will show you what other students have put so that you know what your competition is doing.
  2. 2. A free sample will give you some insight into what your potential school requires.
  3. 3. A free sample will guide your writing.

On developing a good sense of interests that are required by the faculty, you should now highlight key reasons why you want to join that particular school. This is because there are many schools which you can join and you must have a specific reason why you want to join that particular one. Specifically, you may want to write about the reasons why you believe that the school is the best option for you. You should also make all parts of the essay to mean something. You should not waste your space on unnecessary topics. Remember that every space that you write is important for you. For instance, you should not tell them how good the institution is as they already know this. Be unique.

A good example on how to approach the essay topic is to explain to the panel that you are very interested in the particular faculty because you are interested in it. This will be a different case than praising the school in general. For instance, you can tell them, I want to be part of XYZ faculty because… By doing this, you will capture their attention and they will probably accept your application.

The best thing about this is that you can mention a name of a member of that faculty. For instance, if Dr. Smith is a famous person who is in that department who has handled many research issues, it is important to talk about him. You should say this in a polite manner. You should also have the caution of hurting the other panel members. The best way to say this is to mention the person and how his work relates to yours. Since this is a delicate issue, you might decide to avoid it in some instances.

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