Application essay guide: how to tell a good story

The application essay writing process includes telling a compelling story about yourself that acts as an introduction for the school. This information is often brief in nature but it helps the school learn information about you that is not mentioned in the application. This can be challenging for some students since you have to know what details about yourself to include and leave out at the same time. There are a few things to consider that can help you sort out appropriate details to include about yourself for your essay.

Know what information you should include about yourself in the essay. This may take a little time and thought, but understanding good qualities about you will be important. Your future goals will help you understand what information the school should know about you and how this information will help structure your essay. Read samples of well written application essays to understand structure and how to present yourself. It helps to review essays from students that were granted approval into the school of their choice. Review information they included about themselves and how you can include similar content. Sample essays can help you learn information you should consider for your own essay.

Note information you should avoid mentioning. This can be tricky since certain events in your past may have had an influence on your career option. Yet, it is important to understand what information you should avoid since it can lead to irrelevant or boring content that will get rejected quickly.

Be honest about yourself and your accomplishments. The school you are applying to likely have a good connection with your career goals and interests. You should aim to mention information related to your interests and any accomplishments you have made that has helped you get closer to your goals.

Mention how the school will help you or why the school will play an important part in helping you reach your career goals. Your story should include how the school will help you and why you feel they play a role on your career journey. Think about the school standards and how you fit into the equation.

What achievements do you hope to succeed with the help of the school? This may include significant achievements that make an impact on others such as curing a disease or providing a solution to an ongoing problem in another nation.

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