How to Write a Better Scholarship Essay: Focus on One Main Idea per a Paragraph

When you are writing on your scholarship essay there are many distractions around you, each of which can lead to procrastination. If you are at home trying to read, you might procrastinate by cleaning, cooking, or watching television. No matter the source of your procrastination, it will keep you one step behind were you need to be.

Procrastination happens when to avoid completing a task at hand which needs to be finished. If you do not pay attention your procrastination can leave you with feelings of inadequacy, depression, or guilt. If you let procrastination get the best of you then you might begin to doubt yourself and your academic abilities. This can be truly detrimental when you are trying to write a scholarship essay that highlights your abilities.

In order to write a better scholarship essay you need to focus on one main idea per paragraph. Don’t try and cram everything into the same paragraph as this will only leave the reader lost and confused. Instead place one key idea per paragraph and only write one paragraph at a time. As you do this look for signs of procrastination to stop this before it happens. You might say “I work better with a tight deadline” or “It can wait until tomorrow” or even, “just one more show and then I will start”. If you have ever said even one of those then you have faced procrastination.

Procrastination is the result of poor time management. If you have priorities, goals, and objectives you want to meet during a busy work week but if you allow deadlines to overwhelm you then you may miss them completely. When you stress about something it can quickly consume you and therefore you attempt to alleviate your stress through other means such as social activities in lieu of finishing your priorities. However you should avoid putting off your work as it leads to an unhealthy time management schedule which exacerbates any existing stress.

If you are sitting at your computer with a social network page open you may begin to work or think to yourself that you are “multi-tasking” but in reality you end up spending an hour or two before you know it looking at photos, daydreaming, or chatting with friends. If your environment is very noisy you can easily become distracted.

If you let your fear get the most of you it could interfere with your ability to work and focus on a single paragraph at a time. Instead of doing this take the time to ignore the interferences and turn off your cell phone or chat windows. Sit down and focus on one paragraph at a time. Take a break in between each one for a few minutes in order to boost your creativity. Once you return you will find that focusing on one trait or item per paragraph really keeps the essay flowing and easy to follow.

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