Stay Away From Editing, Proofreading Services Online

Have we become so addicted to all things online that we now resort to using the Internet to help us edit and proofread our assignments? There was a time when students used a dictionary, thesaurus and their own teachers as editors and proofreaders. The best thing about having a human being rather than a machine edit your paper is that he would tell why your mistakes were mistakes and offer detailed instructions on how to make the changes. The instructional books are great editing resources because they give samples of different types of essays and business letters so you'll know which mistakes to avoid.

You Can Be Your Own Editor  and Proofreader

If you already have a strong command of the English language, you can be your own editor and proofreader. For example, if the professor says you have too many run-on sentences and incorrect placement of semicolons in your essay, you can refer to your grammar instruction book and other resources to proofread. Never rely on the computer's spell checker because it doesn't recognize certain words or even sentence structures.

Some Editing Services Don't Do A Good Job

There are certain editing services that don't always do the best job in editing and proofreading customers' assignments. There have been stories by customers who used the services and when they received the corrected papers they noticed errors that the proofreaders didn't catch, and as a result the customer worked harder than he needed to. This is one reason why you should do the proofreading yourself.

Lack of Technical Support

Depending on the editing and proofreading service you choose, you may not always get good technical support. For example, if you are typing a paper at midnight and you want to access live chat, you may not get the help you need because no one is on call. Or even if it's daytime and you need help with editing news articles, sometimes the website experiences numerous difficulties and you're left to struggle with the work alone.

You should seek help for your assignments from teachers and from print materials because online resources are not always the best. There is something about face-to-face interaction that offers a level of comfort and the human touch that you will not receive from live chats. Finally, you'll get the answers you need in a shorter period of time than if you worked with an online editing and proofreading service.

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