Guidelines On How To Write Essays For Scholarships And Get Approving Feedback

The way that most students get scholarships is through writing an essay. Usually this contest is held directly by the organization offering the scholarship money, but sometimes it’s held by the university you’re applying to. Regardless which institution is hosting this contest, you need to have a plan for how to write your essay. Simply writing what first comes into your head and handing it in isn’t good enough. Even students whom are really good writers need to plan out what they want to say, and then get it edited afterwards. Almost no one can get away with winning a scholarship on their first draft of an essay.

Write your Scholarship Essay Fast

In order to have time for good editing, you need to quickly get the first draft done. This is easy to do if you have a plan. Take a few minutes to make a basic outline and research about what makes a good essay before you start writing. Taking those few minutes will make all the difference in how fast and well you write; don’t skip this part!

Now go to a place where you can concentrate, whether that’s your bedroom, the library or cafeteria at school, and get started. Know how you work the best, music or silence, snacks or not, and cater to that. You’ll get things done better when you’re in your element.

How to Get Feedback on your Scholarship Essay

The next step is to think of some friends, classmates, and family members you want to read your essay. Choose people who:

  • Are good writers
  • Know about the subject you’re writing about
  • Have won a scholarship before
  • Have judged a different scholarship before
  • Have been accepted to the same school
  • Are writing a scholarship essay right now, too

Once you have a list of a few people to contact, tell them your deadline and give them the essay. Make sure that you tell them a few days before you real deadline, because if they’re a little late it won’t matter, and you’ll have time to look at their notes. It’s important to consider every comment from these people carefully. You never have to make any of their changes, but it’s recommended that you put aside your ego and take a look at what you could be doing better. Change the things that won’t matter either way, and then sit down and decide regarding the things that are closer to your heart.

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