Application Essay Writing Tips And Tricks That Never Fail

The best way to express yourself is simple. One, you need to understand that the part you put your personal information should always be relevant to your application topic. For instance, if you are applying for a management course, your personal information should be relevant to the management experience or goals that you have. You should also balance your academic, professional and personal information to create an awesome result. You should not ignore any one part.


  • Start early. You should start reading and revising as early as possible. Here, you need to carefully read, take notes and revise as early as possible. The earlier that you do this, the better it will be for your grades.
  • Read instructions carefully. The main reason that very bright people don’t make it is that they don’t read the instructions carefully. You should take time to read all the instructions carefully. For instance, you should read the word limit carefully.
  • Tell the truth about who you are. When you are writing the essay, you should not fabricate the truth. You should do the best that you can to tell the whole truth to the panel. This will prevent you from making bad choices when making the presentations.
  • Focus on positive areas about your life. You need to focus a lot on the positive areas about your life. The committee will have fun reading about your positive attributes compared to the negative ones. Also, you can write a negative situation and how you used your positive attribute to handle it.
  • Be very comfortable when expressing your anxieties. The fact is that anxieties are very common to anyone especially when getting into a new position. Try your best to show your best sides.
  • Tie yourself to the college and not talk a lot about other institutions. Simply said, you should try and focus a lot on the college and institution and not about many other institutions.
  • You should be positive in all aspects. You should avoid being negative as it will turn away the committee members.
  • You should write about your greatest accomplishments and achievements.


  • You should avoid being repetitive. By this, I mean that you should write new things as no one likes reading repetitive contents.
  • You should not write about general topics that won’t build on the reasons why you should be picked as the preferred candidate. The committee members want to know more about you, not general issues.
  • You should not have very many excuses. No person really likes interacting with a person who keeps on making excuses. If you failed on something, write about the lessons that it taught you.
  • You should not use clichés.
  • You should not be very extreme and too intellectual.

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