How to write a UC personal statement in a proper way

Students, who apply to University of California, are almost always asked to write a personal statement and hand it in with the other documents. Though the topics may differ, there are two basic prompts that you shall follow. In this article we will take a quick look on what these two prompts are and what you shall include in your statement to pass the application process.

Prompt #1 – describing the environment, the world you come from and how it influenced your future life.

What seems to be a very broad and easy topic, can actually become quite naughty. Don’t forget that UC receives thousands of applications and only a small amount will get in. You need to introduce your personality to the judges. They have already seen your scores and now want to learn you. You will have to select one episode that describes you from the very best side possible and at the same time tells the truth and nothing except the truth. Here are some tips for you if you decide to follow this prompt:

  • The word “world” is very broad and means something different for everyone. Think about what is your world. This will be not only your everyday life, but your hobbies, acquaintances etc.
  • Focus on the second part of the prompt. It is more important to explain how the person or event influenced your life than to describe the even itself.
  • Avoid the obvious topic. Remember that you have to make yourself different from all the other applicants and make sure the judges remember you.

Prompt #2 – telling about the personal quality or talent that makes you who you really are.

Describing your own good personal qualities is always hard. You need to think about something worth writing, make sure that you are writing the truth about yourself and write the statement so that you will not seem boasting about how good you are.

  • Write about something you are really passionate about. Think about the quality that helps you in life and you are most grateful to. It will help you to describe it and yourself in the best way.
  • Don’t just “tell”. Though the prompt specifically tells you to, you need to know that there is always more behind the assignment. Give some examples, make the statement “live”.
  • Do not focus on the quality itself, the second part of the assignment is much more valuable.

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