Creating an interesting application essay introduction

The first portion of an application essay is the introduction. This is one of the shortest segments of the entire paper but one of the most important as well. The essay gives the reader the chance to learn more about the topic of the essay. It is your chance to capture their attention and want them to read more. So how can you be sure that you write this awesome essay introduction?

Introducing your Essay

Your first sentence should ask a question. It should be a question that the reader wants to learn the answer to. The introduction should be well written and contain the information that will lead into the body of the paper. It should be easy to understand and to comprehend. The last thing that one wants to do is waste time trying to piece together what you are trying to say to them.

Your introduction should be exciting and written in a manner that highlights all of the interesting points that you will be making in the paper. Keep it short but thorough. Most instructors recommend that your introduction be one double-spaced paragraph consisting of four to six sentences. These sentences should be grammatically correct, so do keep this in mind as well.

What your Essay Introduction should do

Your introduction should not only be interesting and captivating so that readers want to continue reading, it should also be something that helps you build trust and confidence with. You should speak in a natural tone and use the words and phrases that you would any other time. This makes it more readable and more believable. This is very important when you are writing an entrance exam that hopefully earns you a right into the college of your choosing.

The Bottom Line

Writing the introduction may be something that you wait to do until after you’ve written all of the remainder of the essay. This is perfectly fine to do and may even make the introduction easier to write. As long as it is formatted properly you are good to for. Make sure that you take the time to create that introduction in a well-constructed manner. It will slow you major brownie points and help you create an essay that leaves the college impressed. Make sure that you take the time to create this exceptional essay. The introduction really matters so make sure that you make it count.

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