How To Get Great Examples Of College Entrance Essays

Gaining entrance to almost any college continues to get increasingly difficult as the years go by since more and more applicants are applying for an ever-decreasing numbers of spaces. How do you improve your chances of being admitted to the college you have always had your heart set on? By writing a fabulous personal essay to accompany the college's admission application.

It may be as short as only somewhere between 100 and 500 words, but the essay portion your application can mean all the difference between rejection and acceptance. The way you write your personal essay shows the admittance committee what makes you different from other hopeful applicants. It gives information about you that extracurricular pursuits, letters of recommendations, volunteer positions, grades, and test scores just cannot.

You can use your essay to tell a story about your cat, relate a personal story about yourself, or vividly describe a favorite activity, but really use it -- in a stunning way that captures the attention of your readers, does not let go until the last word, and shows how exceptional you are. What you say in your paper is in no way as important as how you say it and how you make it come across. To make sure you are sending in an entrance essay that is really going to grab their attention, you need to look at some great examples. Here is where you will want to look to find them:

  • College websites: The best college site you can possible search through is the one you are hoping to attend. This will give you an idea of the type of work done by other now-students who once stood where you are. Read through several at least so that you are able to see what common threads they have. You can also look through what is available from other colleges as well to see what the differences are.
  • Professional writing websites: You can hire a professional to write anything for you, and entrance essays are no exception. They have numerous examples on their site of the work they are capable of doing. Check out several sites to see how they show off their examples of entrance essays.
  • Internet search: You can do a simple search on the net to find examples from all over the world. If someone who is now famous once went to your school, you can also search to find their entrance essay and read through it.

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