College Entrance Essay Examples: Is There Any Way To Get One For Free

Applying for college can seem a bit overwhelming to students who, on top of having to keep up with their regular school work, have to learn all of the ins and outs of the application process. Students are always asking what admissions committees look for in a successful entrance essay. While there is no single answer for this, there are a number of places where students can turn to find great examples that worked. Here are some places to check out:

College Entrance Help Websites

When applying for college it’s extremely important that you use whatever resources available. There are a number of websites devoted to helping students navigate the entire application process; this includes assistance with the college entrance essay. In addition to getting a few tips and pointers you can usually also find examples of winning essays for free. Just be sure that you don’t copy someone else’s work. The application essay should be entirely your own, since it’s this opportunity to showcase your writing and personality that admissions officers tend to look for.

Essay Writing Help Sites

If you aren’t checking college entrance help websites then you should certainly familiarize yourself with general essay writing help sites. These websites will do more than just cover the college application process but will provide you with writing tips that you can use for several different assignments. Whether or not you will find an example is sometimes a hit or miss proposition, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to give these sites a try.

College Assistance Forums and Chatrooms

Online communities have been tremendously helpful in providing quick answers to some of the most simple and most complicated questions about the college application process. Visit a forum or chatroom whose primary goal is to offer you all the help you need. Ask for a free sample of a successful college essay. In addition to having something that serves as a guide you may also receive some commentary on what elements about the essay made it a success.

Entrance and Application Guides

Lastly, you can always check for college entrance essay examples in application guides. Your school’s counseling office should have several copies of published essays accompanied by comments made by admissions committee members. Your counselor can likely lend you a copy or photocopy some examples for you to take home. Study these and put yourself in the same position to get into the schools you want.

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