Coming Up With Winning Personal Essay Topic Ideas

If you are tasked with writing a personal essay, you might be given the opportunity to select a topic for yourself. If you have been given that chance and are in need of potential personal essay topics ideas consider the list below:

  • Write about you met your best friend
  • Write about something that makes your parents special
  • Write about a time when you overcame one of your fears
  • Write about a moment that you were brave
  • Write about a time when you had to make a difficult choice
  • Write about a time when a close friend let you down
  • Write about when you first experienced failure
  • Write about why you are able to succeed
  • Write about a particular place you love
  • Write about a particular place you always attempt to avoid
  • Discuss a time when you found you could change someone’s life
  • Discuss how money is important in your life
  • Discuss your favorite time of day
  • Explain what you would change from your past if you were given a do-over
  • Draft a paper about something you saw that was ugly
  • Explain what animal you would love to be if you had the choice
  • Write a paper about what charity you would start if you could
  • Explain how you would spend one million dollars
  • Write about the most difficult news you have ever delivered to someone else
  • Write about a moment when things were socially awkward
  • Write a paper about a time when you met someone who seemed like your soul mate, but you let them slip away
  • Write a moment when you felt regret
  • Write about a difficult lesson you had to learn
  • Explain a time when words gave you hope to get through something difficult
  • Write about where you would live in the world if you could move instantly to another place
  • Explain a near death experience you encountered
  • Write about an occasion when you would tell a lie
  • Describe a kiss that was meaningful to you
  • Write about a time when you made a wrong choice
  • Write a paper about something that you are unable to resist
  • Write a paper about a time when you really needed a hug or a shoulder to cry on
  • Write about your secret hiding place
  • Write about an accident in your life that changed your perspective on things
  • Write a paper about one of your most fortunate days

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