How to write admission essays: turn negatives into positives

An admission essay is the most essential part of your application package, because it’s the only real thing that you have control over. Your personal information and other paperwork that’s sent to the school isn’t any better or more unique than anyone else’s, but your essay can be brilliantly written to make you stand out and get accepted. This is why you should put a lot of time and focus into your admission essay to make sure it’s as perfect as you can get it! If you keep reading, you’ll find out more about what makes a good admission essay, and if you’re still stuck, how to hire someone to do it for you.

Writing a Positive Admissions Essay

There are times when it’s appropriate to talk about personal or career-related failures in your life and how you learned from them, but in this essay you probably want to focus on the achievements and successes you’ve had; the positives. If you don’t have many of these, or you need to mention a less than positive event, here’s how you should do it: describe the events and decisions leading up to your failure, and then briefly (in one sentence or less) say that it didn’t work out, and then move on to achievements, successes, and good things that came of it. Focus on the positive parts.

Now you should be in a position to get your essay done quickly. If you are still having problems or getting stressed out about the writing part, you can hire someone online to help you. There are writers who offer their services over the internet to students just like you. They can write your paper, edit or proofread it, or help you with research, if needed. Figure out what you need help with first, and then you can look for an expert online who is available for that kind of work. Here are some tips on what you should look for in a good writer or editor:

  • They have to be a native English speaker, or your essay will show that the writer didn’t have a full grasp of correct grammar and you likely won’t be accepted
  • Make sure they only give their customers original and unique essays with no plagiarism
  • Are they able to meet your deadline? Some writers are busier than others
  • You should be able to contact them with questions at any time

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