Where To Look For Good Examples Of College Application Essays

One thing you want to make certain of, is that you have a fantastic essay to submit for the writing sample of your college application. You want not only an excellent application letter, but to make certain that your entire application folder is – two words – BEYOND IMPRESSIVE.

You have heard the phrase before to go “above and beyond.” What you want to do is go above and beyond the college’s expectations as they read your file.

Important Points to Remember About Applying to Colleges and Your Writing

Picture this. You are applying to the Social Work or the Business Department at ten colleges, say, some of them top tier universities. Even at lower tier universities the competition to get in is going to be stiff because no department wants to be so overloaded with students that the classes are too large. Small classes means a better learning experience and most colleges want to promise students a small class experience and use this as one of the advertising points of the university.

With that in mind keep one thing in your mind at the forefront. They are trying hard to eliminate applicants – don’t give them even one reason to eliminate yours.

Picture their office on the day they officially receive applications. Picture the day they have to go through all these applications. What most schools do first is to sift through applications for missing, required elements. Ones with missing materials that do not have a note stamped to them like “essay will be in today” will be throw in the out pile.

Next, they’ll look at your writing sample to see how that looks, as typically, this is the most challenging task in your folder. So you have to make sure your essay

  • Looks outstanding and meets the length requirement
  • Has A Fantastic Title
  • Has a Fantastic Page One-through Three—Which Might Be What They Peruse
  • That It Has A Fantastic Works Cited Page to Evidence Your Research Talents
  • Has A Fantastic Introduction that Engages the Reader Fully
  • Has an Original Take On Your Subject
  • Has a Solid Thesis Statement—A Major Requirement in College

Your Application Must be Outstanding or You Get Thrown in the “Out” Pile

When departments begin sifting through the rubble, make sure yours is outstanding. Look up examples of “Award winning college essays” and use these as a model.

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