Writing a Personal Statement for Law School: Basic Hints and Advice

Getting noticed by the prestigious colleges you want to get into can be affected by the personal statement that you create. If you really want to leave the instructors and college faculty impressed with your abilities, taking all of the right steps toward writing a professional, well-written personal statement will be high on the agenda. Although of the highest importance, writing a personal statement is not as difficult as some would like to think. With the following 6 tips, writing that personal statement will become even easier.

  1. Uniqueness is Important
  2. The personal statement written should be unique. No one else should be able to use the statement in which is created. Describe your background and accomplishments in the personal statement, always highlighting the best of the best.

    Your personal statement should be unique enough that the college administration simply must meet you in person. You should list your educational experience, work and school experience and other achievements. Include life experiences but always stay positive with the information that is added to the statement.

  3. Page Length is Important
  4. The personal statement prepared for law school should be no more than 2 pages in length. It should be double-spaced information.

  5. Avoid Negative Information
  6. It is possible that you endured a long, hard semester with a difficult instructor that really made you work for what you wanted. While this is certainly information you should share with friends, it is not what should be shared inside of a personal statement when seeking entry into law school.

  7. Avoid Controversial Subjects
  8. Whether it is politics or religion or immigration, make sure that your personal statement avoids any regards to controversial subjects. The personal statement should be as personal as possible, however, these issues are not those to bring up at such a time. Doing so could reflect badly upon your ethics and eliminate the shot of acceptance into the law school of your choosing.

  9. Proofreading is Essential
  10. Before your personal statement is submitted, make sure that you proofread. There is no excuse for submitting a document that is full of errors or misspellings. Many different word processing systems are available that will easily and quickly check your document for any misspelled words or grammatical errors.

  11. Make Characters Count
  12. Personal statements are limited to a maximum of 4000 characters. Make those characters count! Get to the point immediately and detail the most important information pertaining to your acceptance into law school.

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