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In order to join a good college, you need to provide an application essay that will make a difference between you and the other applicants. You need to be original, to prove that you are smart and you have knowledge in a variety of topics and, the most important, to prove that you can overcome your limits. If you want to find some free essays to get inspired, there are some important things you need to keep in mind.

  • Choose the profile of your essay carefully. The theme, the perspective from which you write it can be really important and it can make you a valuable applicant in the eyes of the professors. You can choose to share a personal story, to talk about your goals in life or about a person that inspires you. What matters is to make from your essay a real reflection of yourself, not just a list of your past schools. Education is important, but the potential of each student is equally valuable.
  • Ask help from your current teachers. They are the most suitable persons to offer you guidance. Since they already know you, they can tell you what approach to use in your paper and what things to avoid. Also, if you are particularly interested in a certain subject ask that teacher to offer you a recommendation letter. These will be very valuable elements to add to your college application.
  • Search on the internet. The internet can be your best ally when you need free papers. You can find plenty of examples of applications made by other students that can inspire you to create yours. Try to find students that successfully joined the college they applied for; especially if it’s the same you want to join. It will be very useful for you to see an actual essay that the professors liked. Look at the topic, the structure and the language that the author used.
  • Take care with the details. Even if you have a great topic and many interesting ideas, the professors will not consider your application if you have grammar mistakes or incorrect information. It is vital that the final form of your paper will have a perfect grammar and punctuation and it is completely error-free. It is the best to take a day after you’ve finished writing just to re-read your essay and to correct any mistake that you could have missed in the beginning.

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