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The application essay is one of the most important essays you’ll write in your life. Without being accepted to the university of your choice, you won’t have a chance to write future essays for your classes, or even a dissertation or doctorate, should you choose to pursue higher education. Focusing on the application essay, you should know that it’s the only thing you have any real control over during your application process. The forms you fill out with personal information are generic; there’s no way to stand out to the person judging whether you should study at their school. However, in the essay, you can show your true personality and flaunt all the reasons that you should be accepted.

Finding Application Essay Proofreaders

Since you’re not just looking for an overall “homework helper” but specifically proofreaders who work with application essays, you may or may not have an easier or harder time finding the professional you’re looking for. In a way, being very specific can help weed out everything you don’t want, but not everyone will use the same words you search for on their profile of skills.

To start your search, ask a friend first. Do you know someone who’s applying to university and hired proofreaders? Getting a recommendation from that person is the best way to find a good one. Proofreaders are less expensive than an application essay writer is, so you’ll save money doing it this way by writing the main essay yourself. It will also be more personal since it’s your words for the bulk of the essay.

If you don’t know a friend who has hired a proof reader before, you can find one on your own with a little time. All you need to know is what to look for:

  • The proof reader you hire should be a native English speaker so they can properly check your grammar and spelling
  • They should have a good price model compared to their competition
  • A professional website that’s easy to use is a must
  • Do they have customer service online 24/7 for customer questions?
  • They should have some customer testimonials or reviews that are positive for you to be able to judge if they are good at their job
  • Also look for what else they offer; will they check your adherence to a certain style such as MLA, or will they correct you on any research or necessary facts?

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