How to write an admission essay – organizing and planning tips for students

The admission essay is a crucial part of the acceptance into college’ however, because of this,  there is such a emphasis put on correct paragraph topics, thesis statements, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. It is enough to give you stress ulcers! To help ease the tension below is a list of topics to cover and a basic structural format.


Admission essays, whether to a college or university, often ask questions of the writers that will allow the reader to gauge your intentions and commitment toward the university and your being and future potential for good Samaritans. In other words, what can they expect from you as far as being involved in both scholarly activities and outreach programs or community service.

  • List, one by one, all extracurricular clubs, organizations etc. that you belonged to in high school such as the yearbook staff, chess club, key club, debate, math or science club, etc. Be sure to include of often the group met (1 a week, every other week, etc), what you achieved as a group, and your rank, title, or position.
  • List all community services , even from your childhood.
  • List any extracurricular affiliations such as with the ACLU, GLAAD, The Trevor Project, and ASPCA, to name a few.
  • Respond to a quote, some universities provide one or a list to choose from. Basic internet searches turn up a multitude of usable material.


The exact structure is subjective. It is determined by the order and tone of your criteria, orientation, and intent for developing the reader’s thoughts and conclusions. However, here are some basic tenants of sentence and paragraph building to help strengthen your paradigm:

  • While high levels of involvement and group attendance are encouraged, you need to explain what this will mean for this school. If you belonged to the band will you join their marching band? If you were in the journalism club will you write for the school paper? Make your intentions known, they can't read your mind.
  • If you belonged to a group such as GLAAD, will you start a campus chapter? If so state your qualifications, do some research on school policy regarding groups and recruitment.
  • If you plan on letting a quote break the ice and showcase your philosophy, talents, and aspirations do a quick web search. Basic keywords can be made based on what you are looking for , for example: poems of academia or poems of human endurance

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