How to succeed with your personal essays

The world of college admission can be very tough and you will probably learn that as soon as you start sending out your applications. However, getting into the college you want can be easier if you make sure to follow some basic ground rules and if you make sure to be among those who actually seem worthy of admission. Believe it or not, college admission councils do not only look for people who have the perfect grades and who have been involved in hundreds of extra-curricular activities, but for normal people who can make a difference in their institution as well.

Besides your portfolio of extra-curricular activities and besides your SAT scores, people who handle college admissions will also look into something even more important than that: your personal essay. This is your chance of showing them who you are behind the grades, what your story is and why you believe you would do a great job in their college. This is your chance of showing that your are a complete human, that you have your own personality and that you have a purpose when it comes to pursuing higher education within their institutions.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Personal Essay?

There are some things you should definitely avoid when writing and submitting personal essays for college admission. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Being too sentimental. Of course, you may have a great story to tell, but make sure that you do not make your hardship the center of your essay.
  • Listing down all the achievements. Remember that the people dealing with college admissions usually see the same kind of lists of achievements a lot during the admission period. Simply stating the fact that you have great grades and that you are a good person will not do if you want a great personal essay.
  • Being too self-confident that you are absolutely perfect for their college. You have to find balance between being self-confident and being downright smug.
  • Not being self-confident enough can also damage your score by a lot. Show them that you are humble, but do not underestimate your skills and your capacity of learning more.
  • Being too formal or too informal. This is obviously an official paper and you should use a formal tone of writing, but it is essential that you let your personality shine through it as well (at least a bit).

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