How is Preschool Homework different from College Assignments?

Students of all ages are expected to complete homework assignments. The only thing is there are key differences between preschool homework and college assignments. Like many, you’ve probably never thought about those differences. The following information will provide you with an explanation of how homework progresses with students.

The curriculum grows more difficult

Students in preschool aren’t expected to complete difficult homework assignments. For example, one class may be asked to go home and have a parent help them re-iterate counting to ten. On the other hand, college students are expected to take classes like physics, statistics, personal finance, and more. So, where a preschool student may be required to color a holiday picture overnight, a college student may be asked to write a 10-page paper about how to effectively trade Forex.

Preschool students have a great deal LESS homework than college students

Obviously, children in preschool are only around 4 years old, so they are not going to be given hours’ worth of homework every night. On the other hand, for students in college, they’ve been going to school for greater than 12 years; thus making them used to completing homework. It is not uncommon for college students to spend hours each night completing homework assignments or studying for a test.

The quality expectation increases

In addition to everything else, the last thing that really increases is the expectations. In terms of a preschool student, he or she can turn in an imperfect paper and still get a good great; given that the assignment was attempted. On the other hand, a college student could never get away with turning in a completed paper that is full of mistakes and false information. Hence, college students are understandably held to higher standards and expectations than preschool students.

Preschoolers do fun assignments

Let’s face it – preschool assignments are just plain more fun than the ones for college. Everything listed above points to the fact that younger kids are given less homework that is very easy. However, easy by whose standards - the child’s? Although preschool assignments would be viewed as fun for someone going to college, this may not be the case for the small child. Keep in mind that homework assignments are age-appropriate, so they are still challenging for the preschooler.

In the end, it’s not really fair to compare preschool homework to college homework because there is a major age difference between. Still, homework is always homework and it serves the purpose of reiterating class materials that you need to know. So whether you are in preschool or college – do your homework because it’s very important!

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