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Customized admission essays can be found in various places, with the numerous agencies and services out there. With such variety there is also variation in prices. For a customized admission essay you would probably want high quality so do not be fooled into thinking you can get a well written essay for a dime. Pricing often comes down to the specific writer within an agency, based on their experience and rate of success.

As far as pricing, customized essays are usually assessed based on length. A typical admission essay isn’t more than 500 words or 5 paragraphs, so this plays a part in pricing. A writer may charge 1 cent per word or 1.5 per word, it all depends. So with that being said, here’s an example: A student needs a customized essay that is approximately 450 words. They hire a writer that charges 1.2 cents per word, which would bring the price of the customized admission essay to $5.40. Now, depending on the writing service or agency (if there is one), there’s different variations on how much will actually end up being paid total. This admission may be completed under an agency that has an 8% project fee, which would mean that the $5.40 would be the price charged by the writer but the total is $5.84 because the fee was added, as a cut for the agency (acting as intermediary between writer and customer) to take. Once again, such scenarios vary based on the custom writing agencies but this is a general concept of how things work.

Affordable writing services should be complete with quality work that is delivered on time. The time factor may play a part in pricing, such as a case where a writer may charge more for shorter notice. Prices for customized admission essays vary based on a number of factors but a few things should always remain constant: quality, reliability, and timeliness. After all, you would want the best for what you pay for. You don’t want your admission essay to be a failure so you make sure that you get the most for the money you shell out. A reasonable price to pay for a customized admission essay could range from $5-$30 based on the situation and what you can afford and consider reasonable. Essays should be custom written to fit you, and that plays a part in pricing because an admission essay should be customized and not a generic piece that will be sold to another customer as well.

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