Academic Honesty VS. Buy Custom Papers Online

Any time you try to research an essay topic online, it’s likely that a high percentage of the search results you get will be sites offering to write a custom essay for you. It’s a tempting offer; essay writing takes time, after all, and not everybody is good at it. The idea of simply handing over some cash in exchange for a completed essay, usually written by a professional writer, seems like a good one. However, there are arguments both for and against it. Let’s look at some of them.

Why buy an essay?

Staying in the game

Maybe buying a custom essay is the way to go, just this once? After all, surely everyone else is doing it? The website certainly implies as much. If the rest of your class all have professionally written essays and you don’t your grades could suffer. That can have a big effect on your future.

Time management

Quite often a custom essay will be written from your own notes, especially if you’re taking a scientific subject that requires experimental data or observations. It can be argued that collecting and analyzing the data is the real test of your ability, and the essay itself is just a presentational issue.

Why honesty?

Expectations of competence

What do you expect out of life? Would you like to own your own business? Are you likely to need a doctor, a mechanic, a plumber or a lawyer? Maybe you’ll need the services of an estate agent, accountant, pilot or midwife. Maybe your child will need teachers. Do you expect or deserve incompetence or dishonesty from them? Do you expect them to have the qualifications for the job? Do you think the qualifications should be backed up by knowledge and ability?

You most likely do. In fact, if you found out that the HGV driver you paid to move all your family heirlooms to a new home had paid someone else to do his driving test you’d probably be rather annoyed. Hang on though - isn’t that a bit like paying someone else to write an essay for you? The grade you get for an essay is supposed to be a reflection of your ability, not how much you can pay a writer to do it for you.

Academic honesty isn’t that easy. You might be up all night writing, struggling for inspiration even as coffee dribbles out your ears. You might not always get good grades. You might even fail. But you’ll keep something that no money can ever buy back once you’ve lost it. Self-respect.

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