Graduate Admissions Paper vs. High School Admissions Paper

High school, college and graduate students all have to write admissions papers that will sent to a admission board for further approval. There are many difference between an high school admissions paper and a graduate admissions paper. Some students may find that writing these papers becomes easier as they progress through their collegiate careers. The general purpose of writing these papers are to promote yourself to a school or institution that you are interested in becoming a part of. These essay are more about getting to the heart of the student and less about the overall scholastic ability of the student. It is important that you are prepared and well aware of all the parts to a admissions paper. There are a few minor difference between a graduate admissions paper and high school admission paper that will make a difference in whether a student is selected or not. These differences are important to know as they will affect your ability to transfer into a high institution of education.

A High School Admissions Paper

A high school admissions paper will be a more simplistic version of an admission paper. This paper is generally a page to two pages long and will require the student to think back to some of their academic achievements. The admissions boards for many colleges are interested in getting to know the student more personally and is also interested in their dreams. This essay should be formatted similar to any essay written for class. It should have a introduction, a body papargraph and a conclusion. All three of these parts will work together to showcase the high school students strengths, achievements and goals. There is no need to include a GPA or a transcript as these are usually sent with the admissions paper. The admissions board is interested in finding out why you want to come to the school as well, so it is important that you mention it.

A Graduate Admissions Paper

A graduate admissions paper will require more attention to detail and will usually be more descriptive. This type of essay will still require the to student to find a related topic of their collegiate careers and describe it. The graduate admissions paper will also require a student to dig deeper and fully explain why they want to go to graduate school as well as why this school in particular is the best one for them. For graduate students its important to find a graduate program that completely satisfies your needs and wants. So it would be a good idea for a college student to do some background research on the school and find out as much as possible about it. Along with talking about your strengths and goals, it is important to mention your areas of improvement. It is better to be realistic than idealistic when it comes to writing an graduate admission paper. Don't be afraid to mention that your study habit are not the best, but you are making strive to better them. If you have had any struggles or tribulations that you have had to overcome mention those to the board. There is nothing better than a good underdog story.

The key difference between the two admissions papers will be the depth and detail expected from them. A high school admissions paper does not have to be incredibly deep, simply mention some accomplishments and accolades along with some goals for the future. A graduate admissions paper will require more detail, you will really have to sale your scholastic as well as personal achievements to the board. Many admissions boards are less interested in the scholastic area and more interested in how you plan on using the information to better yourself as well as others. Keep in mind that both of these essays are formatted the same way, there will just be a difference in the content provided.

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