9 Powerful Topics For A College Application Essay

An application essay is a special piece of writing. While your grades and scores disclose your progress, the essay enables the reader to learn more about your personality. What is more, it can both give the admission officers an idea of who you are and manifest your writing skills. So, the essay is a powerful resource of applicants evaluating. And it’s extremely important for you to be at your best in this clutch.

When it comes to the choice of a topic, make sure that you do select the right one, i.e. your topic should be correct, appropriate, appealing and familiar to you.

Still wondering what to write about? The following 9 areas of your life will make a great resource for discovering powerful essay topics:

  1. Meals.
  2. Food is vital for everybody. The topic itself may create positive atmosphere and cheer up the officers reading your essay. They are sure to recollect their own family gatherings and favorite meals. It’s a good idea to write about discourses you have had sitting round the table.

  3. Hobbies.
  4. Write about the hobby itself, about its challenges and its impact on you. Disclose your personality. The reader wants to learn if you are creative, hard-working, strong-willed, etc. Let them know about it from your essay.

  5. Achievements.
  6. Describe any achievement that is important for you. No matter if it’s a great or a small one. The most important thing here is to show how you had to change yourself in order to succeed.

  7. Failings.
  8. Everyone is sure to have failings. Describing your experience of being unsuccessful may look somewhat personal. Don’t miss the advantage of giving an insight into your inner world. Show that you can struggle and survive.

  9. Convictions.
  10. Describe your motivations, your aspirations and strivings, your picture of the future. Show that you have a deliberate plan. Colleges are looking for thoughtful students.

  11. People around you.
  12. Write about a person who has influenced you. Choose from your inner circle: parents, relatives, friends, teachers, trainers. Describe the influence as detailed as possible. Focus on your personal changes and reactions.

  13. Art.
  14. You are sure to read much. Consider a piece of literary work which has influenced you. You may choose to interpret one of its characters. And again, make sure to write not about the character but about its impact on you.

  15. Dilemmas you have faced.
  16. Tell about a difficult choice you have made. Show your moral strengths.

  17. The college itself.
  18. Tell why you have chosen this particular college. Make sure your writing to be related to the degree you are pursuing.

Whatever you choose, remember to keep it simple and sensible.

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