How To Hire An Application Essay Writing Assistant

For aspiring college students, the application essay is like the holy grail of writing assignments. It can mean the difference between a full ride scholarship at an ivy league college and a partial scholarship at a state college or even paying your own way through community college. This makes many writers look for a bit of help. Here are some ways you can source an assistant.

  • Online
  • When you use online mechanisms there are several main sites you can check ou aside from just using a search engine. Try:

  • Freelancing Sites
  • On these websites you can seek out freelancers based on very specific criteria. Look for the writers with better rankings, consistent positive feedback and many repeat clients. Don’t let this be enough though. Check that your freelancer has experience with academic writing and a few good samples to that effect in his or her portfolio.

  • Academic writing Services
  • These sites will not usually let you interact directly with your writer or even request a writer specifically. This makes the process less personal and a little harder to direct. It can still be successful however if you pick your site wisely.

  • Writing Forums
  • There are writing forums where aspiring writers congregate to exchange advice. If you are a member of one of these you may already be familiar with some of the better writers’work and can make your request directly and arrange hiring in that way.

  • Offline
  • Even in this modern era, offline opportunities are still quite useful for securing talent. These include:

    • Newspapers
    • While print newspapers are declining in popularity with several popular ones facing closure, the classified ads are still useful. Explain your position in the ad and wait for writers to reach out to you with their proposals. This may take a while so be prepared for a bit of a wait.

    • Fliers
    • If you are near to a place where many good writers converge you can leave a flier advertising the assistance you need and us that to get people to contact you. It’s cheap and effective.

    • Word of Mouth
    • If you know people who know people who might be suitable for the job, ask them to spread the word. Networking is a powerful tool.

The assistance you seek may be complete writing of the essay or just minor editing. This will influence your method of selecting your assistant. Bear that in mind and make a wise selection.

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