3 hints that will show you how to write a successful application essay

When you are sitting down to write a successful application essay you want to carefully think about how you will answer the questions in the essay. Start by brainstorming ideas and writing a few drafts before you finally submit the essay.

Here are 3 hints that will show you how to write a successful application essay:

Hint #1: Write your application essay as if you are talking to the person who will read it. That means be yourself. Be natural. Write as though you are talking to the person who will be reading your paper. The purpose of your application essay is to show the admissions officers who you are as a person and what attributes you have. The best way to do this is to write your essay as if you were talking to them.

Hint #2: Offer a story to the readers. This means that you give them something to read. You give them something personal or anecdotal that is interesting. These people obviously love to read or they wouldn’t dedicate that much of their day to reading so many applications. So give them what they want: a good story. This can be a conversation you had with a grandparent or a special involvement somewhere that changed the way in which you think. Having a good story in your essay will illustrate the points that you might be trying to make to your readers. It will help make you a person that stands out compared to the others. Every student who is applying has a story about themselves that they can share. If you are having difficulty thinking of a story you can brainstorm with your family one evening over dinner and ask for stories about your childhood in order to jog your memory.

Hint #3: Write in first person. If you are writing for school they may tell you over and over to avoid first person. But in the case of a college admission essay you want to use first person because you are the one writing in your unique voice about things you have learned or done. The readers want to know who you are and writing in third person won’t show them who you truly are. First person is much more personal and interesting to the readers so use it and you will be well on your way to a great paper.

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