How to write a short personal essay

Writing a short personal essay may not be as easy as you think. Some people find it difficult to write about themselves. This is not the same as bragging and some have issues in making themselves look stuck-up or snobby. The idea is to be able to present yourself in a distinct manner while highlighting personal strengths and accomplishments the reader can take into consideration. You can write about important things in your life or even a life changing event that has helped you grow into the person you are today. The follow points can give a general idea on how to write a short personal essay.

  • Make a list of accomplishments, achievements and personal interests you may want to mention. This can be anything from unique activities to traveling to an exotic place. Some like to mention hardships or times of difficulty they coped with and disappointments.
  • The introduction of your essay should include information that will grab attention of the reader quickly. Some mention a famous quote, joke or a strong statement. You may need to come up with a few ideas and then do process of elimination to settle on a final idea.
  • Think about information you will include that will follow the introduction. Be sure to logically present your information. This will help you create the body paragraphs for the essay.
  • Start writing the body paragraphs based on ideas or notes you wrote earlier. This is where achievements, accomplishments, interests, likes and dislikes appear. The information should be in close relation to your introduction but provide further insight. Think about personal information that will help you stand out from others.
  • The conclusion section of your essay may include a solid point you want the reader to take from the essay about you. You may provide a summary of points you mentioned along with a strong statement to help close your conclusion.

Other Information to Consider

Revise and proofread your content. Read over what you have written and make sure it makes sense. Try to keep sentences short and simple without rambling. Punctuation, grammar and word usage should also be reviewed. Have someone you know read what you have written and get suggestions on how it can be improved. Their option should be objective while helping you get insight on personal qualities and your overall background.

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