A Tutorial for Writing Solid Application Essays

As you prepare to start writing an application essay to the school of your dreams it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. In fact this is the one part of the admissions process that a student can control completely. The grades that you have earned are in the books and your SAT scores aren’t going to change. However your essay is totally original and belongs to you alone. Here is a quick tutorial in how to write a solid application essay. The first thing that you need to do is to read the directions completely. All admissions boards are going to be looking for particular things in the essay and if you read the question carefully there are always going to be clues to what you should be putting into it. Then quickly choose an event from your life that is going to put this desired trait on display for the admissions board. There should be no need to lie, but there is nothing wrong with a little exaggeration to make sure that your positive traits are noticed.

Once a topic has been chosen then it is time to start to organize your writing. It is wise to use an outline to complete your writing on. This will give you the framework to organize your story in the most effective manner. It also will make it easy to rearrange things is you have to. This makes the rough draft easy to write and gives you a basis to organize your thoughts for writing this application essay.

Writing your story out is the next step and at first it is best to just let it flow and create a rough draft. This is so that you can get something to work with. This should never be the final copy because there are some areas of the application essay that are going to be more important than others. For example, your opening needs to be something that will grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read a whole lot more of your story. As you work to revise the story then it will become smoother.

Finally it is vital to have a system of proof readers available. They should be a combination of peers, teachers and family members who you trust to read through the essay and give honest and constructive feedback. Following this simple tutorial a student should be able to knock out a solid application essay in very little time.

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